How to Get to Laoag

Laoag City is located in Ilocos Norte and it is the capital of the province. Being the capital, it is the province’s city and therefore its main transportation hub. Being a nucleus of transportation for the province and the region to some extent, there are many options as to how one can get to the capital of Ilocos Norte.

Though relatively inconvenient than the other modes of transportation, traveling by land to Laoag is still one of the main ways by which one can get to the capital of Ilocos Norte. Traveling by land is also the most viable option for those that are from Angeles City in Pampanga and Manila. Being a major city in the northern part of the Philippines’ largest island, there are several bus companies that ply routes that can get one to Laoag. One of such bus companies that can ferry one from Manila to Laoag is Farinas Transit Company which has a main terminal within the Philippine capital. Another major bus line the ply from the said route and vice-versa is the Partas bus line. There are many other bus lines that also have ply major and minor destinations in Luzon, including cities such as Angeles City and Baguio. Examples of such bus lines that can get on to get to the capital of Ilocos Norte are as follows: the Philippine Rabbit Bus Company, RCJ Trans, Maria de Leon Bus lines, F Franco and GV Florida Bus lines.

If traveling 10-14 hours by land is not your cup of tea, then you could consider traveling by air, which is by far the most convenient way of getting to Laoag. This is because like bus lines, there are also quite a number of airlines that fly to the Ilocos Norte capital regularly. Add to this fact that the city has its own international airport which makes traveling by plane a very viable if not the most viable way of getting to the city. This is especially true for those who are from the other parts of the country that are not in the island of Luzon such as Cebu as getting to Laoag from such places will take quite a couple of days as the only practical way of getting there without riding an airplance is through traveling by sea to Manila and taking a 10-14 hour bus ride from there to the city of Laoag.

As stated earlier, many air lines, both major and minor, ply routes to capital of Ilocos Norte regularly. The Philippine flag carrier, Philippine Airlines, flies to the city everyday. Apart from its daily flights to the city, Philippine Airlines also offer local and foreign tourists packages that will cheapen the fare for those who are planning to experience the sights and sounds that can be had in Laoag. Another major airline that one can get into when traveling to the Ilocos Norte capital is Cebu Pacific. Cebu Pacific has regular flights to the city and it offers one of the best bang for the buck as far as air fare is concerned.

Upon arriving in Laoag, one can be surprised the wide range of transportation that one can utilize when getting to and fro within the city. The usual mode of transportation common throughout the Philippines is present as one can ride a jeepney to one’s destination. However, one can use other modes that can give one a more local feel such as tricycles and calesas that are usually slower but are sure to make one’s trip much more interesting.

If one is planning to visit Laoag City, it is important to consider how one can get there as there are numerous options for the mode of transportation that one can choose from particularly especially if one is aiming to have a convenient and relaxing trip to the capital of Ilocos Norte.



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