Education in Laoag

The successful transformation of Laoag into a first class city can no doubt be attributed to the high quality students that its colleges and universities produce year after year. Part of the program of the local government has been to provide the best education for its people, a sentiment shared by the private sector that have led to the development of these fine schools.

Northwestern University

Its campus covering more than nine hectares of land, t the Northwestern University is recognized as one of the prestigious schools in all of Ilocos Norte.

The university was established in 1932, and although World War II interrupted its service, the school was able to resume its function and expanded greatly its offerings of colleges and academics.
Today Northwestern University offers the following colleges: Arts and Sciences, Business Education, Maritime Education, College of Law, Criminal Justice Education, Engineering and more.

STI College Laoag

STI (Systems Technology Institute) is one of the most popular IT educational institutions in Laoag, offering as it does the wide range of courses it does in its other branches.

Since its foundation in 1983, STI College has grown, and now its branch in Laoag offers a curriculum which includes computer science, engineering, health care, and various information technology related courses and academics.

AMA Computer College

The AMA Computer College has a branch in Laoag City, giving the students there the opportunity to excel in computer related course and pursue careers related to those degrees.

Among the degrees that AMA Computer College Laoag offers include Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Business Administration, B.S. Electronics and several others.

Northern Christian College

First established in Vigan in the 1930s, the Northern Christian College (NCC) would eventually relocate to Laoag City in the aftermath of World War II and remains one of the most respected colleges in the province.

With over 2,000 students in 2007 alone the NCC continues to cater
the growing demands of a changing world by offering several courses and giving students plenty to choose from.
These include degrees in Political Science, Theology, Environmental Science, Education, Counseling, Communications, Commerce, Management and Psychology among others.

The Divine Word College of Laoag

Also known as St. William’s College, the Divine Word of the College of Laoag is the most well known Catholic educational institution in Laoag City today. Founded in 1946, it continues to flourish today.

Part of its mission, aside from providing the best education possible for the student, is also to spread the word of their faith into the community. Included among its numerous academic degrees are Commerce, Mass Communications, Theology, Agricultural Sciences and more.

Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU)

Although it was only established in 1978, the MMSU has already become known for the quality of its educational facilities which rank among the besting Laoag City.

The Mariano Marcos State University was created in honor of the father of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, native son of Ilocos Norte, and during its formative years merged with the Northern Luzon State College (NLSC) and the Ilocos Norte School of Arts and Sciences (INCAT). Today it offers an extensive range academic unites.

These include Graduate School, College of Agriculture and Forestry, College of Arts and Sciences, College Aquatic Science and Applied Technology, College of Business, Economics and Accountancy, College of Industrial Technology, Higher Education and more.

The success of a community and a city is entirely dependent on how well educated its citizens are, and for this reason education in Laoag is of primary importance to its officials. With the first class facilities and courses offered by their institutions, the future of its enrollees is assured.



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