Laoag Restaurants

Recognized as the capital city of the Philippine province of Ilocos Norte, Laoag features different kinds of world-class restaurants that serve delectable cuisines, comprised of both local and international dishes. These premier dining establishments offer people highly reliable locations where they can satisfy their desires for outstanding services and excellent facilities, as well as their cravings for totally great-tasting food.

Max’s Restaurant

Found along General Segundo Avenue in Laoag City, Max’s Restaurant is an outstanding dining facility that primarily serves Filipino cuisine. Inside this fine-dining restaurant, the ambiance is relatively casual, which creates a totally inviting, relaxing, and cozy atmosphere for all kinds of people. For those who want to taste delightful authentic Filipino delicacies, this place is the right place to go to as it delivers exciting local dishes like Sinigang na Hipon, Bicol Express, and Crispy Pata. Of course, this restaurant is not complete without serving all-time favorites such as Lechon Kawali, Kare-Kare, and Spring Chicken, all available within the reasonable price range of 200 to 500 pesos.

La Preciosa Fine Dining and Catering Services

Located along Rizal Street in Laoag City, La Preciosa Fine Dining and Catering Services is a topnotch homegrown restaurant that serves different kinds of super delicious Filipino delicacies. Among the best specialties of the house are Bagnet, Pinakbet, and Pansit Molo. Other popular delicacies served inside this outstanding restaurant are Crispy Chicken, Patatim, and Poqui-Poqui. For two persons, a budget of 400 pesos is enough to enjoy a truly fine dining experience. Aside from the food, the place has a beautiful architectural design that greatly adds to the superior dining experience of its customers and guests.

Sansu’s Chinese Foods

Situated at Barangay 14 along D. Samonte Street in Laoag City, Sansu’s Chinese Foods is another excellent restaurant where people can find total satisfaction especially in terms of food quality, outstanding location, and efficient service. The place serves Chinese cuisine, which include in-house specialties like Pansit Canton, Chopsuey, and Crab Meat. Inside this nice restaurant, customers can find a casual ambiance that makes the place very much inviting. For only 200 to 500 pesos, they can enjoy other exciting dishes like Fried Chicken as well as different varieties of seafood dishes. Another must try at this restaurant is its set menu, which only costs 2,200 pesos and can feed up to 10 hungry persons.

Macy’s Diner

Found at Barangay 13 along General Segundo Avenue in Laoag City, Macy’s Diner is a topnotch restaurant that specializes in Filipino and American cuisines. This dining location has nice, cozy, and casual surroundings, which make the place more enjoyable. In terms of food, this American-style restaurant has many exciting dishes and delightful delicacies in-stored for all its valued customers and guests. For only 100 to 200 pesos, they can already taste some of the specialties of the house including Tacos, Fries, and Hamburgers. Of course, local delicacies are also major highlights inside this nice dining establishment particularly Tapa, Bopis, and Kare-Kare.

Ravanden’s Grill and Catering

Located along Rizal Street in Laoag City, Ravanden’s Grill and Catering is another excellent homegrown restaurant that specializes in Filipino cuisine. For only 90 pesos, people can already enjoy numerous delightful and exciting dishes like Kare-Kare, Tokwa’t Baboy, and Beef Pepper. Other specialties of this nice and cozy restaurant include Sisig, Bulalo, and Pinaputok na Tilapia. Simultaneously many customers really like Chopsuey, Sizzling Chicken with Gravy, and Fish Steak. In terms of ambiance, the place has a nice outdoor and indoor setting that is perfect for casual occasions.

Saramsam Café

Situated at N. Corpuz Building along Rizal Street within Barangay 7-A in Laoag City, Saramsam Café is another topnotch restaurant with a cozy, relaxing, and casual ambiance. Inside this very nice dining location, customers can find many delightful Filipino delicacies and other in-house specialties. For food aficionados, be sure to try any of its super delicious treats like Pinakbet, Dinakdakan, and Higado. Other great-tasting treats that this extremely fine place offers include Bagnet, Pasta Saramsam, and Pinoy Puttanesca. From 200 to 500 pesos, customers are already in for a memorable and colorful dining experience.


Found at Barangay 17 along F. R. Castro Avenue in Laoag City, Greenwich is a very exciting and fun dining location that serves international cuisine. As one of the major franchises of a popular local restaurant chain, customers can expect excellent service, outstanding food, and super affordable prices. For only 100 to 200 pesos, they can already have special dishes like Hawaiian Pizza, Baked Macaroni, and other nice pasta dishes. Also available are extremely tasty treats like Lasagna, Fried Chicken, and Spaghetti.



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